Our Passion

Our Mission

Passing down language and culture provides children a strong personal identity and pride in their heritage. It plays an important role in developing thoughts, shaping experiences, exploring customs, and articulating values. Our mother tongue Telugu, with its mellifluous qualities, is called the “Italian of the East”. It expands to suit every form of expression.

Our Past & Present

SiliconAndhra began ManaBadi Telugu classes in April 2007. At present over 65,000 students across 250 locations in USA and 10 foreign locations learn Telugu with great interest. Our program boasts of more than 45,000 graduates over the last 14 years.

Your Future

Our steadfast determination to introduce literature, culture, and traditions through language helps children deepen bonds with family, community, and heritage. Eventually, your children will find pleasure in passing these same values onto their children. Furthermore, encouraging them to learn Telugu helps them develop confidence, self-esteem, and form a unique identity in a global world.

Our program focuses on four aspects of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The most obvious benefit to Telugu learning is the ability to communicate with family and friends. The less obvious benefit to language learning is providing an ability to become thoughtful communicators and critical thinkers. Foreign language learning is gymnastics for the human brain, which maintains a more focused ability to logically reason. We provide the resources to teach your children to think in Telugu, and thus, constantly exercise their minds.

Multilingual students gain significant competitive advantage over monolingual students. Being multilingual is among the top 8 requirements for career requirements. With an expanding global economy, we help develop these easy skills from a young age and build leaders of the future!

Join our growing family and help us build a community that will keep our heritage alive for generations to come!