Our Online Platform

We strive to provide all students an opportunity to learn Telugu. In an effort to ensure everyone who wishes to learn Telugu has this opportunity, ManaBadi offers Intinta ManaBadi. This is an online program for students living in remote areas of the United States. If your family cannot conveniently reach a ManaBadi center, then we bring the guru to your home! 

Students enrolled in Intinta ManaBadi have access to all opportunities provided to students learning at our various in-person locations across the country. Materials are shipped directly to homes in time for the start of an academic year. Classes and exams are conducted online exactly as they are conducted at our centers. 

Not all students are eligible to register for Intinta Manabadi. This opportunity is exclusively for students who lack access to a local center. To determine eligibility for this program, you must meet one of these requirements: 

  • Students live outside of a 20 mile radius of a ManaBadi center; 
  • Students require a seamless transfer to our online platform because a family move limits convenient access to a local ManaBadi center;
  • Manabadi centers have less than 10 enrolled students and are unable to provide an ability to communicate with peers. 

ManaBadi students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities throughout the academic year. These activities are also available for Intinta ManaBadi students. 

  • PillalaPanduga: an annual event where students showcase their talents to their classmates and their families. Intinta ManaBadi students can participate with their classmates online for this celebration or join the closest ManaBadi center for this event.
  • TeluguMatlaata: an annual competition for which Intinta ManaBadi students may participate by competing at the closest ManaBadi center.
  • Baalaanandam: an exciting radio show for which class teachers can coordinate from anywhere.

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