How do I register my child for ManaBadi classes?

Please click here to register. You can use this link to register new students or returning students.

For help videos, click here.

My child is a new student. What is the entry level?

For detailed course level information, please click here.

Please note that some classes have prerequisites that must be met in order to register.

What is your academic year?

The academic year begins in September after Labor Day weekend and lasts for 33 weeks. We finish the school year in May. We have no classes during the summer, during Thanksgiving weekend, and a winter break toward the end of the year. See our calendar for additional details.

Can we register anytime?

BalaBadi I and BalaBadi II have rolling admissions. You can register your child anytime. Mid-year registrants pay a prorated fee.

Students registering for any level Pravesam and above cannot register once the 3rd week of classes have finished. Our academically rigorous curriculum creates difficulties for students who have missed too many classes. These students have difficulty catching up and confidently preparing for the first trimester exam. To prevent undue stress, we recommend that you register your child for the following academic year.

For Further details on how to register, click here.

We moved to the USA from India recently. My child has a good grasp for Telugu. Can we skip a few levels?

Our advisors at Potti Sreerammullu University in Hyderabad require that students begin classes  at least at the Prasunam level. Students have the option of testing out of Pravesam and being pushed up to Prasunam. But we cannot allow them to any other higher level.

This exam is conducted at the beginning of the academic year at your center. If you feel your child will qualify, please speak to your local coordinator for details. Note that you must register your child for Pravesam regardless. Following your coordinator’s assessment, your child will be pushed up to Prasunam internally.

Do you provide a sibling discount?

Yes! We provide a $75 discount for each additional sibling you register. We are proud to see your family grow with ours!

For video on how to register a sibling, click here.

What is your cancelation policy?
  • Full refund for cancelations before the second week of September.
  • Cancelations made before September 30 will incur a $50 fee.
  • Cancelations made before October 31 will incur a $100 fee.
  • No refunds for cancelations after October 31.
  • You agree to these terms at registration.

To cancel, please write to with a detailed explanation for your cancelation.

Cancelation requests are processed after November 1 and typically completed by December 15 of that year.

Where can I find information on my student’s grades?

Log into your student’s account here.

You can see students grade there.

I am having issues with the password for my child’s account.

Please click here to reset your password.  

For help videos, click here.