Complaint Procedure

Complaints by parents of Silicon Andhra ManaBadi in regards to classes/ teacher/ at a particular location-

Step 1. If the complaint is about a teacher, parents must first meet with the teacher at a mutually agreeable time with or without the location coordinator and find a mutually agreeable solution.

Step 2. If the issue is not resolved in Step 1, the parent should notify the location coordinator. The coordinator shall arrange for a meeting with the teacher and the complainant. Coordinator shall find a compromising solution with a definite timeline to resolve the issue.

Step 3. If the issue still continues after step 2, it shall be escalated to the regional coordinator in writing with the facts and details of step 1 and step 2 meetings. After receiving written complaint, all the parties involved shall meet to resolve the complaint.

Step 4. If the complaint still persists, it shall be forwarded to the Dean of the school and Dean’s decision will be final in regards to the solution.

Complaints by Teachers– regarding a student-

Step 1: Teacher shall first have an initial meeting with the parent and provide them the facts and warn them of consequences

Step 2: If the issue continues after step 1, teacher, coordinator shall meet with the parent and try to find an amicable solution.

Step 3- If the above steps do not resolve the issue, the issue shall be escalated to regional coordinator for a solution.

Step 4-  As the final step, if the issue continues, it shall be resolved by the Dean in a meeting with or without the teacher/ coordinator / regional coordinator

Complaints by location coordinator regarding a teacher-

Step 1: Coordinator shall talk to the teacher and find a solution

Step 2: If the issue is not resolved in Step 1, coordinator shall contact the regional coordinator in writing for a solution.

Step 3: As the final step, it shall be forwarded to the Dean.

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