ManaBadi Drama Festival

ManaBadi Baalala Natakotsavam Competition – Scope – USA – Optional
Taking Cultural festivals to a new realm & next level, a unique, first time ever Pillala Natakotsavam Competition is being introduced this year.
ManaBadi kid’s groups from across USA will compete with each other on interesting concepts, dramas, and skits and participate in finals. Top performing groups will receive prizes, certificates etc.

Format and basic guidelines:

Who can participate?
The competition is open to any child registered in levels (Pravesam to Prabhasam) in the current ManaBadi year 2016-17 and alumni of ManaBadi i.e Prabhasam graduates from the past years residing in USA.

  1. Format
    The competition invites groups of minimum 6 kids and maximum 10 kids in a group. There will be two levels.
    a Junior – Groups of Kids from Pravesam to Prakasam levels
    b Senior – Groups of Kids from Pramodam to Prabhasam & Alumni level
    All the teams participating will video-record their skit/drama and send it to the Competition Team electronically.

Registration will be open on our website from Jan 31st 2017 to Mar Apr 21st 2017. All the teams intending to register must fill up the registration form on the SiliconAndhra ManaBadi page under the Pillala Natakotsavam tab.

Videos Submission/Uploading Deadline
All the registered teams will have to upload their video before or by Apr 21st Mid Night. All the teams sending their entries will record their performances in plain clothes.

*”Manabadi has all rights on the content uploaded”.

Each team will have a minimum of 15 mins to a maximum of 30 mins.

Creative Mentor
Each registered team will be assigned a Creative Mentor to guide them and help them with creative ideas.

Selection Process
A neutral, impartial and a credible selection team will select top 5 groups from each level to represent in the finals.
All the finalists will be intimated or informed by Apr 30th 2017

Pillala Natakotsvam National Finals:
1 The National Finals will be held in Silicon Valley during July 15th/16th weekend.
2 “ManaBadi will provide a travel allowance up to $250 per child(where applicable) and will take care of food & accommodation for all the finalists.”
3 All the finalist teams will be assigned Creative Mentors who will help them with costumes, props etc.
4 All the finalist teams will be provided help with costumes and props and any special effects for their final performances in the National Finals.
5 Top three winners in each level will receive prizes, trophies & certificates
6 All finalist teams will receive participation trophies and certificates.
7 Winners will get publicity on news media as well as social media.

Please contact your respective Coordinators for any questions and doubts.

  • If you have any further questions feel free to reach ManaBadi Pillala Pandaga Team,
    1 1-844-626-BADI (2234)and Press 4 to reach Children’s Festival or email: mcf2017@siliconandhra.org
  •  Contacts by the region:
    1. North East & South East – Jayanthi Kotni 510-717-9226
    2. South West – Kiran Parupudi 901-299-3479
    3. West – Madhavi Kadiyala 408-839-0306
    4. Midwest & International – Sneha Vedula 408-930-1862
  • Content ideas/help – Priya Tanugula 949-572-9320


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