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The greatest and most powerful gift a parent can give their children is to pass their language and culture.  Literacy in the mother tongue strengthens cultural identity and heritage. The mother tongue plays a very important role in developing thoughts, shaping experiences, exploring customs, and articulating values.  Our mother tongue Telugu with its mellifluous qualities, is called the "Italian of the East".  Its pride lies in its evolutionary expansion to suit every form of expression.





 Raju Chamarthi
 President & Dean SiliconAndhra ManaBadi


 Vijayabhaskar Rayavaram
Vice-President ManaBadi Prachuryam

Deenababu Kondubhatla
Vice-President (Finance) SiliconAndhra ManaBadi

Sarat Veta
Vice-President (Global Development) SiliconAndhra ManaBadi


 Dilip Kondiparthi
Vice-Chairmain SiliconAndhra


 Danji Thotapalli
Vice-President (Telugu Maatlata) SiliconAndhra ManaBadi



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